Customer Waiting Area
  • Wait in Comfort

    Fully Air Conditioned Customer Waiting Area

  • Electronic Monitoring

    Know when your cargo is ready for Customs Cargo Examination

  • Free WiFi

    Check your emails from your smartphones and more

Stripping Ramp
  • Fully Covered Stripping Ramp

    All Weather Stripping Ramp, Container Stripping never stops due to bad weather.

Express Delivery
  • Express Delivery

    Roll Out / Walk Out Delivery for Small Packages and Up to 2 Barrels

Senior Citizens Assistant
  • Special Assistance to Seniors and the Disabled

    Special assistance provided to Senior Citizens and the Disabled to fill out their C86 forms and more

Warehouse Porters
  • Warehouse Porters

    Warehouse Porters to unpack and repack cargoes

Broker Window
  • Custom Brokers

    Dedicated Customs Broker Window provided

Security Surveillance
  • Security

    24/7 Security Surveillance System and Personnel

  • Nescafe Vending Machine

    Nescafe Vending Machine provided for hot cups of coffee

  • Cold Drinks Vending Machine

    Cold Drink Vending Machine to provide refreshing drinks