Frequently Asked Question

What is a customs bonded warehouse?

A secured facility supervised by customs authorities, where dutiable landed imports are stored pending their release on assessment and payment of import duties, taxes, and other charges. Also called customs warehouse.

What is LCL?

Less than container load – denotes that the container consists of more than one consignees

What is FCL?

Full container load – denotes that the content of the containers belongs to only ONE consignee

What are personal effects?

Refers to cargos such as barrels and boxes sent by individuals for personal/household use

What are commercial cargoes?

This refers to cargo consigned to companies

What are warehouse charges?

Basic charges collected at the Validation Department includes Documentation, Security, Handling, Lifting & Storage where applicable.

How many payments do I make when clearing a shipment?

Three payments are generally made:

1 – To collect documentation from shipping Agent

2 – Warehouse charges at the warehouse

3 – Customs duty after shipment has been examined

What documents do I need to clear shipments?

  • Bill of Lading
  • ID : passport, driver’s license, National ID
  • TRN

Is someone allowed to collect a shipment on my behalf?

Yes, with a notarized letter of permission and a copy of the consignee’s ID and TRN